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We are a French Company, passionate about the idea of changing the way in which the world learns languages. We provide an online platform for the service provider (the tutor) and for our students. We believe that the best way to learn a language is to speak as much as possible, anywhere and with anyone. We do the hard work of finding clients for you. The hours are flexible (7 days a week from 7am to 11pm) to fit around your current commitments. A minimum of 10 hours are required per week.

English online tutor : 10 advantages of working with Cours Center.

- Cours Center finds students for you and provides you with as many hours as you wish.

- Clients sign a contract with Cours Centre of minimum 20 hours and maximum 200 hours of study. The number of hours that you work is therefore clear and your income guaranteed for the given amount of time.
- Client administration, including initial consultation and contract selection, is managed by Cours Center.
- Student loyalty.
- Full training on the visio-conference platform is provided free of charge.
- There are no financial or time costs encountered due to transportation as all lessons are conducted online.
To put this into context, if a teacher works ten miles from home, he or she would lose on average 22 hours and 30 minutes each month in preparation and commuting time, at a cost of 365 Euros.
- You are not required to work outside of lessons and there is no marking.
- Cours Center will support you. We work as a team!
- Flexible hours! You can work whenever you like, giving lessons from 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week including Sundays and Bank Holidays if you wish.
- The opportunity to receive bonuses and learn French with the team!

Online English Tutors Required

Part-time (minimum 10 hours) / Full-time

Online English Tutor required for a tutor agency from France.

More than 50 Online Tutor Jobs available before 2018. New tutors are welcome :).



- Plan the sessions based on your assessment of the student’s needs and their availability
- Provide reports on students’ progress
- Become familiar with the platform and give feedback to students


Tutors must:

• Be fluent in English and flexible with their time
• Be regarded as self-employed and available for at least 10 hours per week
• Use the online platform provided by the agency


If you think that you would make a great English tutor with us and would like to apply then please email us your CV and a cover letter.



Julie Poulain-Holland